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10X Vets Member Spotlight: Kathryn Thomas, U.S. Navy Veteran

This month we’re shining a spotlight on 10X Vets Member, Kathryn Thomas!

Member: Kathryn Thomas (U.S. Navy Veteran)

Company: ANAMAR Environmental Consulting

As Vice President of Business Development at ANAMAR Environmental Consulting, Kathryn Thomas applies her first-hand experience and skill of collaborating with private and governmental agencies to grow her business’s impact. From 2014 to 2021, Kathryn served as the Founder & Executive Director of Yoga 4 Change, a not-for-profit corporation whose community impact was featured in National Geographic Magazine in January 2020. Prior to Yoga 4 Change, Kathryn served for seven years on active duty in the U.S. Navy as a helicopter pilot. Kathryn is known for her leadership, vision, and collaboration which grew Yoga 4 Change into a state-wide, “self-sustaining” organization in only three years. Kathryn resides in Oregon with her family.

Welcome, New Members!

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10X Vets is for military veterans who want to grow their businesses to a new level.

As fellow military veterans and entrepreneurs, we know you have the inner qualities it takes to succeed as a business owner, but we also know how difficult it can be to become one. This is why we built 10X Vets for you—so you can grow your business while working alongside fellow military veterans who share common attributes of intelligence, integrity and grit. Join today!


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