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Investor Workshop


Join our monthly workshop, where you will embark on a transformative journey to master strategic investing and unlock your financial potential.


Delve into key topics essential for successful wealth creation and preservation, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complex world of investments.


Understanding the Financial Advisor's Role in Wealth Creation


  • Evaluate the Need: Discover if a financial advisor is essential for your wealth-building journey and understand their potential ROI.

  • Personal Experience Insights: Gain valuable insights from our experts' experiences within the financial services industry.

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Explore how advisors allocate capital and whether they align with your entrepreneurial aspirations.

  • Balancing Portfolios: Learn to merge publicly traded and private investments for a diversified approach.

Embrace the 3D Philosophy of Investing


  • Learn the 3D Model: Dive into the three crucial components of wealth management and learn how they interact synergistically.

  • Craft Your Wealth Creation Philosophy: Develop a personalized approach centered around wealth creation, preservation, and liquidity.


Mastering Risk and Preserving Wealth


  • Rethinking Risk: Understand that risk is more than just volatility; it encompasses loss potential and illiquidity.

  • Dual-Use Liquidity Portfolio: Explore innovative strategies for liquidity management, including its role in borrowing.

  • Wealth Preservation Ideas: Discover tactics to safeguard your assets and navigate changing market conditions.

  • The Illiquidity Premium: Uncover the advantages of embracing illiquidity for potential higher returns.



Navigating Entity Structures for Optimal Investment


  • Making the Right Choice: Delve into entity structure decisions and their impact on tax considerations.

  • Tax Insights: Explore key aspects like Sect 1202 QSBS, Sec 1031 exchanges, C-corps, and more.

  • Individual or Entity Investing: Assess the pros and cons of investing personally or through business entities.


Jump Start Your Wealth Creation Engine


  • Turbo Strategies: Learn dynamic methods to accelerate wealth creation, evaluating early and late entry into opportunities.

  • Partnership Dynamics: Understand roles such as GP/LP, tenant-in-common, advisors, and more in investment scenarios.

  • Protecting Personal Assets: Gain strategies to safeguard personal assets and avoid potential risks.

  • Master Financial Statements: Create your personal financial statement.

  • Learn how to decode critical OA/LPA elements.


Diligence and Decision-Making Mastery


  • Independent Due Diligence: Choose between expert guidance and independent research for making informed investment decisions.

  • Group Diligence: Collaborate and enhance your understanding through collective diligence.

  • Mitigating Conflicts: Identify and manage conflicts of interest for a secure investment journey.

  • Balancing Safety and Risk: Grasp the distinction between return on investment and return of investment.


Special Session for RIAs and Financial Advisors


  • Attracting High Net Worth Clients: Learn strategies to appeal to and retain high net worth individuals using private investments.

  • Compliance and Ethics: Navigate private investing legality and compliance within your advisory role.

  • Documenting Diligence: Develop robust documentation practices to ensure transparent and ethical advisory services.

  • Fee Structures and Disclosure: Explore fee possibilities, transparency, and conflict disclosure within the advisory process.


And more!



Tailored sessions focusing on the Special Purpose Vehicle Playbook for Registered Investment Advisors



Join a thriving network of military veterans focused on exponential growth in business & personal lives.

$3000 / year

Membership Benefits

Monthly Workshops

  • Leverage 7

  • Genius

  • Wealth Creation

  • Capital Track

Peer Circles

  • Startups

  • Business Owners ($200k+/year in personal income)

  • Real Estate Circle ($200k+/ year in personal income)

  • Investors ($3MM+ net worth)

Office Hours

Member Portal Access

Promotional Listings for Service Providers

Exclusive Regional Events & Retreats



Grow your knowledge

Learn from people who have the wisdom and specialized knowledge you need.


Grow your network

Build relationships with like minded people and never feel alone in growing your business.


Grow your net-worth

The high level of trust and competence in the community expedites commerce between members. 


john kirby.jpg

John Kirby

Founder & CEO, Boat School Ventures

“I love 10X Vets. The experience has been invaluable. The best part is networking and I have made more connections than I can count. I have, and will continue, to recommend 10X Vets to all military veterans I know.”

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