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Complete Your Application

Start your 10X Vets journey by filling out our application. This initial step is essential for us to gain a deep understanding of your business background, goals, and what you aim to achieve within our community. The application is thorough, asking about your professional experiences and future aspirations. This is more than just a formality; it's a way to ensure that every member aligns with our community's values and objectives, fostering a network of quality and relevance.


Set Up Your Payment

Once your application is approved, the next step is to set up your payment. Membership to 10X Vets is an investment in your professional development and network, with an annual fee of $3000. By completing this step, you're not just paying a fee; you're unlocking a world of opportunities, resources, and connections.


Join the Community

With your application approved and payment processed, you are now ready to be officially welcomed into the 10X Vets community. This is where your journey truly begins. As a member, you'll gain access to exclusive workshops, regional events, a supportive peer circle, and, if eligible, our investor syndicate. You're now part of a dynamic network dedicated to accelerating your success and expanding your professional horizons.

After you complete the application and set up payment we will send you an email to welcome you to the community. We will connect you with the Circle leaders and provide you with access to the meeting invites, community resources and information you need to succeed.


Ginni Guiton.jpg
“What makes 10X Vets so powerful and unique is not only the innovative vision but also the collaborative culture. They established an environment with a deep belief in abundance and environment that honors people and values the veteran experience. Upon this foundation, a deep trust develops. Members willingly share their best ideas and their most vulnerable moments...they lift each other up and care about others. As a result, the 10X Vets experience creates an alchemy where people's businesses turn to gold.”​
Ginni Guiton, Founder, GG Hypnosis

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