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QUICK WIN: How to Make Your Brand Addictive with Pete Canalichio, Navy Veteran

If you’re interested in developing and improving your brand, this post is for you! Today’s Quick Win is brought to you by brand strategist Pete Canalichio (USNA ‘81) who is also a regular presenter in our 10X Vets Digital Marketing Circle.

Addictive Brands are a part of our everyday life. They are brands that buyers have easy access to, reward on a range of levels and uplift us in a variety of ways. Addictive Brands use their presence, not just to grow their client base, but to actively enhance their revenue model through brand expansion.

Here are five things to consider as you strive to make your brand more addictive:

1. Make pursuing your brand fun.

“Finding out more” and “not missing out” have become hallmarks of pop-culture living.

2. Keep your brand fresh.

Ideas come and go so fast today that consumers want access to the things that are current, for as long as they remain current. After which, they move on.

3. Maintain your brand within an arm’s reach.

Hyper-consumerism has encouraged all of us to buy now and to use readily available credit to do so.

4. Play to people’s curiosity.

The factors above give rise to a strong sense of curiosity. They encourage buyers to want and expect new things all the time.

5. Strive to be relevant.

Access to the Internet means consumers are over-aware of the world around them. We live in a world of trends, likes and connections.

Get to know Pete Canalichio (USNA ‘81)!

Pete Canalichio is on a mission to help brands find the most authentic parts of their story so they can share it with the world! After a successful career working in global branding, brand expansion and marketing for companies like Coca-Cola, FIFA World Cup, the Sochi Olympics and Newell Rubbermaid, Pete’s greatest passion is helping brands reach their full potential. Not only that, he wants them to grow and thrive in the marketplace, as well as in the minds of consumers. Pete is the Founder of Brand Alive and a former Naval Aviator.

Do you want to learn more branding strategies?

Join the 10X Vets Digital Marketing Circle where Pete is a regular presenter. Here, you’ll learn the best digital marketing and branding strategies, website development tactics, and tools from our network of experts. You’ll also hear proven best practices from your peers such as tips on how to increase the number of leads generated from your online presence. Schedule a call with our team to learn more.


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