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At 10X Vets, each of our workshops, meetups, and events is meticulously crafted, feeding into our robust 5-step blueprint for success.

Business Networking

1. Discovery & Networking

Begin by forging invaluable connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals. Sharing an ambition and military background enhances the bond, paving the way for collaboration in an environment built on trust. Our monthly gatherings, from workshops to member circles, are designed to cultivate these bonds.


2. Identify Your Genius

Discover what truly sets you apart. Through our Genius Workshop, paired with Gallup's CliftonStrengths assessment, unearth and align with your core strengths. Recognizing your unique genius fuels passion and sets the stage for transformative growth.


3. Leverage Your Genius for Business Success

Taking what you've learned about your strengths, our Leverage 7 Workshop guides you to harness that genius for tangible business growth. With the Leverage 7™ framework and a community of experts at your side, your potential becomes limitless.


4. Turn Your Business Success into Legacy Wealth

Ensure that your hard-earned success isn't fleeting. With our Wealth Creation Workshop, reimagine wealth generation, pivoting from short-term gains to lasting prosperity. For those who leverage investor capital for investment opportunities, our monthly Capital Track workshops provide the insights needed to traverse the capital raising landscape confidently and compliantly.

Team Meeting

5. Share Your Wealth and Wisdom

In the spirit of full-circle success, 10X Vets champions reinvesting both wealth and wisdom. As members ascend, they're encouraged to support emerging ventures within our ranks, whether through direct investments, advisory roles, or board positions. Beyond capital, sharing hard-earned insights and experiences with up-and-comers ensures our community's legacy of mutual growth and continued prosperity.

At 10X Vets, your ambition meets our blueprint for success.
Let’s grow,

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