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10X Vets Member Spotlight: Shaun McAndrew, Navy Veteran

Our ”Member in the Spotlight” for June is Navy Veteran, Shaun McAndrew. She is a Naval Academy graduate and former helicopter pilot. During her 27 years in the Navy, she commanded helicopter squadron HSM-41 and was recognized as the most effective production squadron in the Navy. She finished her career as the Commanding Officer and Professor or Naval Science at the University of Idaho.

Currently, Shaun is the Vice President of Business Development at The Service Design Group, a consultancy specializing in a service design approach to help product groups and service teams build complete offers and harden service packages. She also leads the 10X Vets Women's Circle. Thanks, Shaun!

Welcome, New Members!

Stephen Fischer, Fenwick & West

Paul Huszar, Vetcor Services

Paul Meyer, Ash Biz Advisory

Jeff Martinovich, Ash Biz Advisory

Grant Vermeer, The Vermeer Group

Jean-Pierre Brousset, AYNITECH

Scott Church, Insight

Farris El Nasser, Lion-Archer LLC

10X Vets is for military veterans who want to grow their businesses to a new level.

As fellow military veterans and entrepreneurs, we know you have the inner qualities it takes to succeed as a business owner, but we also know how difficult it can be to become one. This is why we built 10X Vets for you—so you can grow your business while working alongside fellow military veterans who share common attributes of intelligence, integrity and grit. Join today!


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